I have quite a few friends in the business world who often speak of coaching….its a way to enhance your business….it has taken us right back to the grass roots and coaching has enabled us to be anchored.


I would really recommend Intentional Steps because the Coach Crystal has a natural and effortless way of asking the right questions which triggers thoughts for personal inquiry and growth.


I was able to say things that I had never been able to discuss before.


Coaching sessions with Crystal has massively helped to shift my mindset and approach towards my career. I feel ready to enter 2019 with a fresh and positive outlook; focusing on what my priorities really are.


I am absolutely amazed by the results that I have had… The mindset shifts, the progress that I have made emotionally.. it has benefited me in so many areas of my life


I believe that investing in yourself is always a good idea and what is a better way to do that than working on yourself, your fears, your limitations, yourself doubt. All those parts in you…. that’s why I got myself a life coach



I found coaching really helpful and enjoyed the sessions!