Passionate About Inspiring Others

Crystal Small, Founder

People often look for qualifiers in the ‘About me’ pages of a website as it gives a sense of reassurance that the services provided are delivered with integrity and the people are dressed with authenticity!

As founder I can tell you that I have years of experience in the corporate world, I am a qualified coach, Process improvement specialist & experienced in business analysis, I’m a literature graduate, a mother, an explorer, a cancer survivor, an advocate for equality, a reader and a solid appreciator of herbal teas but this summary is far from the whole picture!

Much more than these labels is the fundamental belief that you are able to create the life/ business you envision whether it be meeting that goal, overcoming that challenge or sewing the seeds for your plans.

The coaching experience is about you. With one step at a time, you can suddenly be swimming in the change you want to see.

Intentional Steps aims to connect you with a coach to start your journey of forward movement!

My coaching niche is mindset, self & change as investing in these areas aid desired progression. I believe that these are the 3 components that underpin all professional and personal contexts from business and leadership to relationships and parenting.